GenomeCache Troubleshooting

For basic information about creating and facilitating Genome Cache, please see the Instructions Document.

  1. 1. Why can’t I open the website generated files?

    The files are downloaded in a “zipped” format and your computer may be having difficulty “unzipping” the file.

    Solution 1

    : Save file to desktop. Right click on icon, rename file, and add “.zip” to the end of the file name. Double-click on renamed icon and it will open up the folder showing the GenomeCache files. Click on “Extract All” from the menu.

    Solution 2

    : To unarchive a zip file, a computer needs an archive utility. Windows XP (and older) PCs do not have this utility. You can download this utility here.
  2. 2. Why didn’t the paper versions of the activity download?

    Make sure you checked the “paper paths” check box on the webpage when you input your path distance.
  3. 3. Where do I put the Chromosome Signs?

    Please refer to the last page of the GenomeCache Instructions pdf provided in the downloaded files.
  4. 4. I have a question or problem not addressed above, what do I do?

    Send an email to us with GenomeCache in the subject line. We will answer emails as quickly as possible, but please allow 48 hours for response.